Welcome to Ming Chuan University !

The Alumni Relations Section under the General Secretary's office is the official link between Ming Chuan and the University’s alumni where ever you are worldwide! Ming Chuan’s Alumni Relations Section and the University’s Alumni Association see as one of their objectives to assist you, the alumni, in maintaining relationships that have been important to you.

Ming Chuan’s Alumni Relations Section, together with the Alumni Association, supports the networking and mentoring efforts of the University’s students and alumni. It alsoserves as a point of access assisting alumni in their career and life planning and providing opportunities for alumni-to-alumni connections to enhance their career growth. We also provide services such as career/personality assessment, career/life planning and management, networking, professional development, social and communication skills, consulting and coaching referrals, individual counseling, print and Web-based career resources and specialized workshops, etc.

Whether you are seeking to find a specific former roommate, a friend or professor, to learn more about upcoming events, or to find a way to give something back to your alma mater,

Join us at Ming Chuan, your home, with your unforgettable memories. We want to help!


News | by Dr. Radut