Membership Information

Membership Information


How do I become a member of the Ming Chuan Alumni Association?

Membership status is accorded to all graduates, former students and employees of Ming Chuan University. Future plans will include various levels of membership. The officials or board of the Alumni Association will announce these plans in the months and years to come. It is the Association’s desire that membership will be an ever growing and increasingly valuable asset.

How is it a “benefit” for me to be a member?

The Alumni Association seeks to enhance the value of your Ming Chuan degree by promoting loyalty, friendship, commitment and communication among all those who take pride in Ming Chuan University. The Alumni Association helps you remain a part of the Ming Chuan family no matter how long you have been away or how far you have traveled.

In recognition for being an alumnus, the member receives either upon graduation or by written request from a former student the distinctive Ming Chuan Alumni Association membership card. They may also receive the e-mail newsletter E-Notes and News, the Alumni E-mail Registry with periodic updates, Ming Chuan Magazine, invitations to alumni events, and activities that provide enjoyable networking opportunities. In addition, plans are being made for access to purchasing MCU logo items, and other benefits.


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