Ming Chuan Alumni Association

The Ming Chuan Alumni Association was organized to perpetuate the vigorous ideals of the University’s founding: “Maintaining strict standards, encouraging keen effort in teaching, producing well-rounded students, matching instruction in theory with experience in application and stressing both the humanities and technology, and continuing to contribute to the professional pool of this country. The educational mission of MingChuanUniversity is to prepare students, personally and professionally, for future leadership roles in an international setting…” With the firm foundation of academics, technology and character, Ming Chuan University is progressing into the future. Yes, Ming Chuan is unique --- we are trulyaiming to make Ming Chuan an international university.

Ming Chuan has witnessed significant growth in many areas in the recent years. Campuses are being updated and new academic programs continue to perpetuate our great tradition and institution. There are many ways that alumni can get involved in the life of the University and the alumni community. It is through alumni that some of the greatest needs of Ming Chuan can be met. All universities need students! Recommending Ming Chuan to potential students and “getting the word out” is only one of the areas in which you can be of service. Participating in the Memories Meetings in your area is another. Maybe you could assist the Alumni Director with the development of an  Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Ming Chuan recognizes the importance of our active Association members and has developed some powerful programs to reward you. Providing networking opportunities via the Ming Chuan Alumni Bulletin Board serving and memories meetings is only one way.


Alumni can now continue their education while working and living at home. In the future, we hope to make available logo items for your purchase, discounts for active members in the Alumni Association at various businesses and for different items.


Alumni visit these pages to find old friends, mentors, and memories. Potential students will be able to see how Ming Chuan has enriched the lives and futures of those who studied on one or more of the campuses, and all can learn the history, traditions and accomplishments of Ming Chuan and the alumni. Welcome! Visit all the pages and participate in making Ming Chuan an International university even greater than it is!


Board of Directors
The Ming Chuan Alumni Association Board of Directors governs the affairs of the Alumni Association and represents the voice of the alumni to the university community.

Ms. Angela Lee, chairwoman of Ming Chuan Alumni Association;

Mr. Jason Yeh, vice chairman of Ming Chuan Alumni Association

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